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Training for Hispanics in the Workplace offers leadership skills webinars and workshops that are based on the specific workplace learning needs of Spanish-speaking employees.

Our Training Philosophy

I help Spanish speaking supervisors succeed by providing process-based leadership workshops. The supervisors learn the skills required to treat their team members with respect, control aggressive behavior and deal with conflict in a constructive manner. The workshops are delivered in Spanish and they are designed for their specific workplace learning needs.

First generation Hispanics prefer experiential learning. They don’t want to hear the facilitator explain theoretical concepts, they want to live the learning through practical storytelling, examples and real-life skills practice exercises. They want to own what they learn so that they can apply it immediately from the classroom to the workplace.

To learn more about our approach, watch this short video and read Key Issues in Training First-Generation Hispanic Employees

Training for Hispanics in the Workplace:  short video presentation:

Leadership Skills for Spanish Speaking Supervisors

About Isaac Botbol

Training for Hispanics in the Workplace was founded by Isaac Botbol. He is an experienced bilingual Leadership Skills Trainer. He is dedicated to the learning needs of Spanish-speaking Team Leaders, Supervisors and Front Line employees. Isaac has worked with organizations such as AT&T, The Quaker Oats Company, The Texas Workforce Commission, Sara Lee Foods and others.

Background Experience:

I have been providing Leadership Skills training in both, English and in Spanish for over 26 years.

Throughout my training experience, I have gained practical experience and developed a deep understanding in applied organizational development and change management principles, methods and tools. I have also gained significant experience required to diagnose organizational issues and implement creative, value-added solutions.

I am most familiar with the learning needs, styles, and preferences of Spanish speaking employees. I strongly believe that I can provide you with quality training that motivates and inspires the participants to perform their skills with greater competence and success. Providing training is much more than the process of delivering information.  Effective training occurs when the facilitator is able to make a human connection with the participants and motivate them to learn the new skills and apply them consistently in their everyday workplace situations.

You may be interested in some of the testimonials from a few of our clients which include:

Mission Foods – Dallas WorkForce Solutions  – Desert Mountain Club Inc. – De Roose Plants Inc. -Colorado Premium – Arnet Pharmaceutical Corp – Quaker Oats – CSM Bakery Products – CTI Foods – Ware Manufacturing – LSG Sky Chefs – Techni Kote – Culver Duck Farms – Crew Outfitters – Micronova Manufacturing – Primo Foods – PLD Developments –  Fresh Venture Foods – Masco Cabinetry – Monterey Mushrooms – Milk Source LLC – Cyl Tec – Ryvor Group LLC – Fairchild Industries – Deen Meat & Cooked Foods – 


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