About Us

Training for Hispanics in the Workplace offers leadership skills webinars and workshops that are based on the specific workplace learning needs of Spanish-speaking employees.


Our Training Philosophy

First-generation Hispanic employees have a unique approach to learning new skills.  They prefer to “experience and live the learning” or experiential learning.  Our workshops and webinars are presented in a manner that is familiar to their specific learning preferences with real-life case scenarios, examples and skills exercises.

The objective of each workshop and webinar is to teach leadership skills that the supervisors and team leaders can apply immediately after each learning session.

To learn more about our approach, watch this short video and read Key Issues in Training First-Generation Hispanic Employees

Training for Hispanics in the Workplace:  short video presentation:

Leadership Skills for Spanish Speaking Supervisors

About Isaac Botbol

Training for Hispanics in the Workplace was founded by Isaac Botbol. He has 25 years experience as a bilingual Leadership Skills Trainer. He is dedicated to the learning needs of Spanish-speaking Team Leaders, Supervisors and Front Line employees. Isaac has worked with organizations such as AT&T, The Quaker Oats Company, The Texas Workforce Commission, Sara Lee Foods and others.