Communication Skills for Spanish Speaking Supervisors

Monday August 26, 2019

11:00 AM Eastern

Poor Communication Skills are Costly:

Your leadership skills are demonstrated in the way you interact with your team members.  As leaders, our goal is to build people up and prevent toxic employee relationships due to poor communication skills.

Regardless of the situation, the use of aggressive and damaging words is never justifiable.    If you say the wrong thing during a conversation, each of your words is like a stray bullet. Once the words are dispensed, they can never be retracted and we ultimately deal with the damage caused. When interacting with our team, the leaders must be aware of their choice of words, the tone of voice and body language.

The Problems of Ineffective Communications:

The majority of conflicts in the workplace are caused by inefficient communication skills. When there are communication problems, working relationships suffer and team members are hesitant or fear to ask for clarification from their supervisors. If communication problems are not addressed in a timely manner, the workplace culture, productivity, and individual performance deteriorate.

Learning Objectives of the Webinar:

In this 60 minute Webinar, the supervisors will learn:

  • Effective communication principles
  • The impact of body language and voice tone 
  • Learning to communicate with respect
  • Communication and team member self-esteem
  • Communicating basic work expectations
  • Communication Skills Exercises 

Who will Benefit:

  • Spanish-speaking production supervisors
  • Spanish-speaking team leaders


The webinar includes an Interactive Webinar Workbook (in Spanish) which you will be able to download and distribute to the participants.  The workbook contains key learning points as well as individual skills exercises in order to review and re-enforce the learning.