Harassment Prevention in the Workplace: Webinar in Spanish

Wednesday August 28, 2019

9:00 AM Eastern

Harassment Prevention in the Workplace

Harassment is unwelcome behavior that creates a hostile work environment. 
The harassment can be:
Verbal: Saying inappropriate jokes or remarks of a sexual nature that offends an employee
Visual:     Posting photos or emailing content that is sexually offensive
Physical: Touching any part of the body without the consent of the employee
The conduct is severe or pervasive and creates an "intimidating, hostile, or offensive work environment."
For example: It may be sexual harassment if repeated sexual comments make the employee feel so uncomfortable at work that his/her performance suffers or the employee may forego professional opportunities because of fear of retaliation.
Sexual Harassment issues are Civil Rights (Title VII) issues, which guarantees certain rights for all people. When a person is sexually harassed, their civil rights are violated.

Learning Objectives of the Webinar:

In this 60 minute Webinar, the supervisors will learn:

  • Definition of sexual harassment
  • Learning the different types of  harassment
  • The impact of  harassment behaviors
  • Steps to handling harassment complaints
  • Preventive action

Who will Benefit:

  • Spanish-speaking production supervisors
  • Spanish-speaking team leaders


The webinar includes an Interactive Webinar Workbook (in Spanish) which you will be able to download and distribute to the participants.  The workbook contains key learning points as well as individual skills exercises in order to review and re-enforce the learning.