Managing Stress in the Workplace: Webinar in Spanish

Thursday August 29, 2019

11:00 AM Eastern

Stress Affects our Ability to Lead 
Stress can be positive because it can motivate us to perform important tasks and pushes us to get things done.  Constant stress, such as repeated, unresolved workplace issues and continued negative behavior by difficult employees can drain our energies and diminishes our ability to lead an effective team.
Our responses to stress can be as different as the individuals. 
For example, some supervisors react by:  
  • Keeping it bottled up or backing away which results in creating more stress
  • Responding with threats and manipulation of the team members.
  • Responding with sarcasm and ridiculing the employee in front of co-workers
  • Overreacting and becoming emotionally charged
Stress can prevent working relationships from developing to their potential.
When the supervisor does not manage stress and its negative effects, the team members are the first to suffer.  They become the target of their supervisors' inability to control toxic behavior. This, in turn, causes the team members to become frustrated and disengaged. 

Learning Objectives of the Webinar:

In this 60 minute Webinar, the supervisors will learn:

  • To recognize and manage stress  
  • To control stress so that it doesn't result in harmful behaviors 
  • To apply emotional intelligence techniques
  •  To respond rationally and not to react emotionally

Who will Benefit:

  • Spanish-speaking production supervisors
  • Spanish-speaking team leaders


The webinar includes an Interactive Webinar Workbook (in Spanish) which you will be able to download and distribute to the participants.  The workbook contains key learning points as well as individual skills exercises in order to review and re-enforce the learning.