Ryvor Group

Ryvor Group Jennifer Yontz-Orlando, MBA, MLIS, President, Ryvor Group, LLC

Our company has been working with Training for Hispanics in the Workplace for over two years. We have benefited from online and in-person seminars. Isaac is a great communicator with a lot of credibility and integrity. His subject matter is pertinent to our business and the economic climate in general. I recommend Training for Hispanics enthusiastically and we look forward to working with Isaac for many years to come.

Azteca Milling

Azteca Milling Lana Box, Human Resources Manager

“Isaac Botbol demonstrated that he is an exceptional communicator, as well as a passionate, gifted teacher. He is a dedicated professional who does a great job in recognizing the needs of the group he teaches and who knows how to motivate them. He does an excellent job of making complex ideas understandable and he demonstrated he was able to teach many people, from top plant management to floor crew leaders, who were at different levels of understanding, with equal enthusiasm. I find Mr. Botbol to be a humble individual who is eager to share his knowledge with his students.”

Sara Lee Corporation

Sara Lee Corporation Marco Hernandez, Safety & Environmental Manager

“I have participated in several leadership development courses since 1999. I have learned to become a more effective leader in my position in Sara Lee from Isaac and would highly recommend him.”

CSM Bakery Supplies North America

CSM Bakery Supplies North America Dan Monrreal SPHR, CCP HR Manager and Business Partner Dallas Facility

“Isaac is an excellent resource and go-to individual to fulfill an organization’s training needs. His company’s expertise in training Hispanic workforces is invaluable. I highly recommend Isaac as a resource for your organization’s training needs. Excellent service at a great value.”

Sonoran Property Maintenance, LLC

Sonoran Property Maintenance, LLC Lucy Carbajal White, Operations Manager,

Once again, I would like to commend you for these great supervisor training sessions. Your instruction and material were well organized and easy to understand. From listening to our staff today, they have learned the importance of their role as supervisors and have gained some insight and knowledge as to what effective leadership is. This has been of great benefit to all.

Quaker Food Products

Quaker Food Products Miguel Angel Diaz, HR Manager, Latin America

“It is my belief that the success of the team is due in great part to your efforts. Your willingness to listen to your client, your fluency in Spanish, your multi-cultural awareness, your creativity, and conscientiousness are elements that were well used during each of the workshops we presented. Thank you for all your work, and I look forward to working with you in our upcoming Train the Trainer workshop, where your style and excellence can be passed on to our future generation of developers.”

Mission Foods

Mission Foods Paula Kornguth, National Training Manager

“Isaac was a professional. He prepared for his sessions by learning the material thoroughly; he contacted the key people in the plants to get a feel for the participants’ level of experience and willingness to learn as well as any challenges the plant was facing that may impact the discussions in class. He added stories to the sessions to make the concepts more understandable and memorable. For one plant engagement, Isaac was facilitating different modules three days a week, every other week, and that was a lot of content to learn and master!”

OSI Industries, LLC

OSI Industries, LLC Miguel Diaz, SPHR, Assistant VP-Human Resources

“I worked with Isaac as part of a team training effort. He was excellent in how he presented the material and how he interacted with all the participants. The training was done in English, Spanish and Portuguese, and his vast knowledge of the various cultural nuances from country to country was instrumental in the successful delivery of the program. I highly recommend Isaac in any endeavor that is related to cross-cultural training.”

Amy’s Kitchen

Amy’s Kitchen Maria Reid, HR Manager

Isaac, "Thank you for providing the training I have received a lot of positive feedback on training and your presentation style the employees really enjoy how you make them engage."