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Who are we and Who do we Serve?

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Founded in 1992, Training for Hispanics in the Workplace is dedicated to teaching effective and practical leadership skills to Spanish-speaking supervisors in organizations such as food production and manufacturing, construction, renovation, botanical, and hospitality industries. We help supervisors succeed by teaching hands-on, processed based leadership skills they can immediately apply after each workshop. Providing leadership training works best when the facilitator makes a human connection with the participants. The topics presented have to touch the heart in order to make a positive change in behavior. This is what we do!

How are we Different?

A successful leadership program must begin by understanding the everyday issues, challenges, cultural and learning preferences of Spanish-speaking supervisors. In many of our training sessions, the supervisors are learning about leadership skills for the first time. Up until now they may have attempted to manage their team members with ineffective or negative behaviors they learned from their previous bosses. From the start, of the training the supervisors learn that a leader is not someone who gives orders and micromanages the team members. A leader influences the team members to take responsibility for their behaviors and promotes independent thinking.

What are team members saying about their bosses?

I want a leader who doesn't shout at me

• I want a leader who treats me with respect

• I want a leader who can teach me my job

• I want a leader who is patient with me

• I want a leader who doesn't show favoritism
What Team Members Want and Expect from their Supervisors
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